Denver Lifestyle: Fall Vegetable Gardening

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Blog, Green / Sustainability Ideas, Home & Lifestyle

Last week’s weather was a good (or bad, depending on how you look at it!) reminder that the summer is coming to a close in the next few months. And while this week is bringing summer temperatures again, it’s the perfect time to prepare your vegetable garden for the fall season. Denver’s First Frost Date is October 4th, meaning now is the time to get your fall crops planted to get the most out of them for the duration of the growing season. Better Homes & Garden’s article on the subject provides a great amount of information, teaching us how to prepare and help the veggies reach their full potential:

1. Get your garden ready by clearing out any plants that are done for the year, along with any weeds that may be growing. Prep the soil as well by adding some compost to help your new crop flourish.

2. Grab some seed (or buy some at a discounted rate now that garden centers are trying to get rid of their stuff in the late season) and add in some seed-starting mix before you plant them in the ground (or inside if you live in hot temperatures).

3. Care for the garden by watering regularly – with one deep watering a week once the seedlings are established. Look out for holes or spots in the leaves to make sure your plants aren’t damaged by disease and insects. Also, when a frost does come, make sure you have a cloche or a sheet/blanket/tarp to cover your plants and protect them from the colder temperatures.

The article provides great recommendations for plants that can be grown at this time of year. From arugula and mustard to kale and carrots, there is a good amount of crops that last through the fall and provide that last bit of garden enjoyment before the snow and freezing temps settle in.

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