Denver Architecture 101: The Denver Square

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Blog

How well do you know your Denver architecture? When it comes to homes, the city has a handful of distinct styles, recently detailed in 5280 magazine’s feature “Denver Architecture 101.” Following in 5280’s footsteps, we are offering an ongoing tutorial of Denver’s iconic options. Today, we study the Denver Square

What to look for: Isn’t it obvious? Look for a square!  The Denver Square reached its peak in popularity after the 1893 Silver Crash, as people turned away from the elaborate Victorian style to a more efficient look and floor plan. Denver Squares are characterized by two-story brick construction with wide front porches in a boxy shape.

Where to find them: Baker, Capitol Hills, Cheesman Park, City Park West, City Park South, Five Points, Highland, Washington Park.

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