Create a good first impression with an inviting entryway

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Blog

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. When it comes to your home, that impression is complete the minute a visitor enters the door.

To make the most of that moment, design your entryway to maximize its impact on visitors while also serving your needs. offers these tips:

Avoid clutter: “Newspaper stacks and piles of shoes are your entryway’s worst enemy,” notes “They look sloppy and could be a tripping hazard.” Also, choose streamlined furniture, “like a sleek console table or a mirror,” to keep the space looking open.

Consider the scale: “You may love that vintage coat stand that you snagged from a flea market,” notes, “but if it takes over your entire entryway,  you’re just going to bump into it every time you take off your rain slicker.” Using furniture bulkier than the space allows makes your home look cramped. Think simple.

Use vertical space: If, like so many entryways, yours is narrow, use the vertical space to maximize efficiency. For example, you might put up a small shelf or cubbyholes for mail to make the most of the space.

Add wall coverings: Wallpaper or another treatment, such as stone, wood planks or tile, can make the entryway pop. It’s not necessary to use these treatments on the entire foyer. Instead, “you could place it on the wall going up a staircase or in alcoves around the room,” suggests

Add color: Even if your home is designed in neutral colors, a colorful approach to the foyer can make an impression. Consider bold artwork for the wall, “a brightly patterned throw pillow on the bench, or a vase of colorful flowers.”

Think about lighting: It’s best to have both overhead lighting, such as a chandelier, and task lighting, such as a small lamp on a console, or a floor lamp. The overhead lighting will be welcoming to visitors, while task lighting can be used once visitors leave to lower the wattage once the evening is over.

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