Clear your head with 4 amazing Colorado hikes

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Blog, Denver Activities

Desperate to get outside and away from pandemic woes? What better antidote than to head to the great outdoors?

In Colorado, we are lucky to have beautiful landscapes and gorgeous hiking trails just a short drive away. If you’re ready to head out, the travel website Only In Your State suggests these 4 “incredible hikes under 5 miles.”

(As always, we encourage everyone to wear masks and practice social distancing while enjoying the state’s offerings):

Bierstadt Lake Loop: For impressive views of the Rocky Mountains and close sightings of elk, deer, moose and waterfowl, try this hike around the lake. Ambitious hikers can “start at the Bierstadt Trailhead, traverse the moraine, and reach the lake after just 1.4 miles with 566 feet of elevation gain,” suggests the website. Those less motivated can start at the same spot but go straight to the lake, traversing1.6 miles, but with an elevation gain of only 255 feet.

Rattlesnake Gulch Trail at Eldorado: Just outside of Boulder, Eldorado Canyon offers an amazing escape from the daily grind. Only In Your State suggests hikers start at Fowler Trail, “then connect to the Rattlesnake Gulch Loop for a moderate 4-mile roundtrip hike” that reveals sweeping views of the Continental Divide, waterfalls and “cliff-top vistas.”

Cub Lake Trail: Head to Rocky Mountain National Park for this hike to a small lake “known for its abundance of yellow pond lilies that grow on most of its surface.” The 4.6-mile walk includes a variety of landscapes, from wetland meadows, to forests, to incredible rock formations.

Mayflower Gulch: Located between Copper Mountain and Leadville, this easy, 1.8 mile hike concludes at the base of Mount Fletcher. On the way, hikers will see lovely alpine meadows with wildflowers galore, the ruins of an old mine camp and more.

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