Can’t find anything in your garage? Time to organize.

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

You’re thinking of going for a bike ride, playing tennis, or working in the garden — that is, until you step into your garage and realize that you can’t find any of the necessary equipment. If you’re like most, your bikes are shoved into hard-to-reach corners; your tennis racquets are buried beneath old hoses, and all of your gardening tools are scattered around the room like so many seeds in the dirt.

Isn’t it time for a change? “Wouldn’t it feel amazing to pull into your garage and love what you see?” asks

It doesn’t take long to organize your garage and make life less irritating. The site offers this plan of attack:

Group similar items: Take everything off of shelves and out of corners and begin sorting. Make a pile for athletic equipment, another for fishing items and so on.

Eliminate: Do you have five bike helmets and only two bikes? Old hoses that have sprung leaks? Take stock of what you need and begin paring down. Discard, donate or sell the rest.

Decide on a plan: Peruse the garage and decide where you will put each group of items. “Assign one area for gardening and yard tools, one area for household tools, one area for sports and outdoor fun and so on,” notes the website.

Get the proper organizational materials: Make a trip to the hardware or container store. Buy bins for garden tools, hooks to hold rakes and shovels, implements that allow you to hang bikes and other times from the ceiling. To protect your belongings against bugs and rodents, as well as wet weather, look for containers that are water resistant and that seal.

Create a loft: This can be built above your cars, to store items you rarely use, such as holiday décor, while freeing up space below.

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