Can’t afford expensive kitchen cabinets? Think outside the box

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

One of the most exciting ways to update a home is with a kitchen remodel. But the expense, particularly with kitchen cabinetry, can be daunting.

So we were particularly excited to see this creative solution, proposed in a recent New York Times article: Why not use Ikea’s low-cost cabinets, then customize the door fronts with a more expensive treatment? The approach is sure to save thousands of dollars while still resulting in an eye-popping kitchen.

This tactic, notes the New York Times, is used even by architects and designers, who cover Ikea cabinets “with custom doors, drawer fronts and panels from [upscale] companies like Reform, Semihandmade and Kokeena.”

“Ikea makes a great box,” John McDonald, founder and chief executive of Semihandmade, told the Times. Ikea’s Sektion system, he adds, “uses the best hardware you can get”; hinges, drawer slides and other elements are from Blum, the brand many custom cabinetmakers use.

Even better, the store offers free design consultations. So, homeowners can get help designing their new kitchens, order Ikea cabinets and then have money to splurge on stunning door fronts.

The Times’s article offers one caveat: “There are always some small adjustments,” Jeppe Christensen, founder of Reform, cautioned, “so don’t buy the Ikea components before making arrangements for the doors. It’s really important for us to make sure that there are no other requirements beyond what the drawing shows — and there often are.”

That said, this is a simple way to save money and get the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.

After one such remodel, a designer crowed about the finished look: “Super upscale,” he said. Added the Times, “No one would ever know that inexpensive cabinets were hidden underneath.”

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