Before you remodel, consider these 4 questions

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Blog

After years of living in a home, there’s nothing quite as exciting—or daunting—as the idea of undertaking a home remodel. While the prospect of a shiny new house is irresistible, you want to make sure the project addresses any issues you’ve had with your home through the years.

In short, making the space more applicable to your needs takes thoughtful consideration and careful planning.

“As a professional organizer, I’ve seen homes that were aesthetically gorgeous but just didn’t flow well for my clients’ needs,” notes Patricia Lee, a professional home organizer writing for Houzz. “…For the most successful remodel, you’ll want to consider how you live now and how you’d like to live ideally. After all, remodeling is a chance to set new, more organized habits.”

Lee suggests homeowners consider these points before getting started:

What isn’t working? Think of the way you use the spaces in your home.  For example, where do your children do their homework? Is this place conducive to concentration (and supervision)? Do you have a dedicated space for important papers, electronic chargers, keys, computer work? List the issues you would like to address to streamline your home’s efficiency.

Do you have adequate storage space? Is your pantry space big enough, or do food items overflow onto your counters? Do you have a place for the family to stash backpacks, purses and mail when they enter the home? If not, plan new areas to accommodate these items. (For example, you might add a mudroom so purses and other items can be neatly stored out of sight from the rest of the house.)

Is your family situation in flux? Are you planning to have children soon? Their storage needs can be substantial. By contrast, if your children will soon be grown and out of the house, this can open rooms for new uses. Will your aging parents be moving in? If so, you’ll need to think of items like a ground level bathroom with a walk-in tub, an in-law suite or mini kitchen that can allow them some independence.

Are there better ways to use existing spaces?  Do you have a living room you never use? Think of putting it to better use. Have a closet that’s not pulling its weight? Consider turning it into a work space with a desk for a computer or drawers for craft items, etc.

To sum things up, look at every inch of your home and reconsider its uses. Then let the project begin!


Photo by Harprit Bola on Unsplash

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