Are you guilty of these common home-care mistakes?

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Blog

You clean your home before the dust settles, fix problems as fast as you notice them, and tend to the lawn and garden obsessively. But before you give yourself an A+ on home maintenance, here’s a reality check: Do you do any of the following?

Here are four common mistakes homeowners often make without knowing it, as reported by CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) magazine:

Using glass cleaners on mirrors: While glass cleaner might seem an obvious choice when shining mirrors, it can result in damage, notes CRS, “when liquid seeps beneath the reflective backing and stains your mirror.” The magazine suggests using a lint-free microfiber cloth dampened with water instead.

Using the wrong caulking material: Caulk comes in many varieties that are designed to tackle specific problems. For example, silicone caulk is made for non-porous surfaces; latex caulk is perfect for filling in gaps between crown molding and baseboards, and so on. Before starting a caulking project, check with professionals at your nearby home improvement store to be sure you purchase the right material for the job.

Over-mulching: Although it’s important to use mulch in your garden to retain moisture and suppress weeds, too much mulch can prevent water from reaching plants’ roots. Don’t pile on mulch more than three inches thick.

Allowing ivy to grow unchecked on exterior walls: While ivy looks attractive, it can damage mortar, brick siding and/or wood trim. Cut it back every several years to prevent it from becoming too invasive.

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