Architectural details can make the difference between dull and distinctive

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

2416123_sWhat makes a home stand out? Often, it’s the small architectural details that, taken as a whole, create the impression of a custom project. Think of beautiful crown molding, chair rails and custom cabinets, for example.

We don’t all have the financial means to build new homes that include such custom detailing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add personality and character to an existing house.

Here are a few options, suggested by the decorating website Houzz:

Cabinetry panels: Adding panels onto the exposed ends of your cabinets lends a more finished look to your kitchen. Consult your cabinet manufacturer for decorative options or hire a carpenter or cabinetmaker to fashion them.

Vanity feet: Affixing feet on a bathroom vanity gives it the look of fine furniture, offering a touch of elegance to an often nondescript room.

Mirror frames: Give your bathroom mirrors a touch of class by adding trim around the edges. “The trim can be white, a great color, or a wood finish complementary to the design,” suggests Houzz.

Crown molding: Crown molding makes a once-boxy room look more interesting and opulent. Ditto for chair rails, which are easily added to any room.

Trim below the ceiling: If crown molding seems difficult, another easy option is to add trim just below the ceiling. This is a particularly nice touch when the trim frames a beautiful paint color that extends beyond the trim and onto the ceiling.

Extended baseboards: Adding trim to standard baseboards can lend grandeur to a room, particularly when the original baseboards were short in relation to the height of a room.

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