7 ways to turn your backyard into the perfect retreat

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Blog

As the weather warms, many start thinking of summer-and of turning that dull slab of cement and ragged patch of grass in the backyard into an idyllic retreat. Oh, for a beautifully furnished patio overlooking a glorious swath of greenery and gardens where one can relax and soak in nature’s glories.

If this is your idea of paradise, don’t wait for the weather to turn. Now is the time to start planning.

Here are some ideas to consider, offered by RisMedia’s Housecall:

Look closely at any wooden decks: After a long winter, wood can warp and slats loosen. Inspect your decks for any problems that might have developed. Also prepare to sand, stain and seal your wood deck to give it ongoing protection from the elements.

Plan for patio furniture: Just as you would for your interior décor, consider space issues and scale when buying furniture. Also, think of creating furniture groupings that will enhance conversation when entertaining.

Add color: Brightly colored throw pillows and cushions can bring interest and fun to your patio setting.

Consider an outdoor rug: Rugs come in many kinds of all-weather material. They can help define a seating area and add warmth to the environment.

Install lights: A strand of tea lights can add magic to a backyard scene. Also, sensor lights enhance security, and smart lights that can be controlled with your smart phone allow you to set the scene remotely.

Improve landscaping: Cut back overgrown bushes and trees, research flowers that bloom at different times of the summer, shop for beautiful pots in which to plant flowers that will add beauty and color to your patio setting.

Add an outdoor theater: What could be more fun than having friends over to watch a movie outside? Research new high-tech options, including inflatable screens and high-pixel projectors.

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