7 Tips To Make Homes More Comfortable For Aging Baby Boomers

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Buying a HomeIt’s no secret that the baby boomers aren’t babies any longer. Every 10 seconds, according to a recent article in Colorado Urban Home magazine, another baby boomer turns 65.

This has widespread implications for home design, as boomers are notoriously independent-minded and many hope to age in their homes or choose new homes that will minimize obstacles as their physical needs change.

Here are 7 areas in the home that boomers should consider when thinking of re-designing their own house or buying a new home that they can inhabit for the long run:

Home offices: Many boomers continue working past the age of 65. Often, they become consultants or run businesses out of their homes. This means a dedicated home office will be important — or even two, if a wife and husband both plan to work on individual businesses.

Security: With boomers accounting for 80% of all luxury travel spending, home security is a definite issue. Boomers should consider adding remote control lighting and energy management and security features to their homes. This way “they can travel the world and still monitor the security of their home and can control their thermostat from an app on their phone,” notes the magazine.

Lighting and windows:  With aging eyes comes a need for better lighting. Boomers will do best with large windows that let in more natural light. Under-the-counter lighting is also a good idea, both in kitchens and laundry rooms.

Master bathroom: This is always an area of concern, given the risk of slippery floors and tubs. Boomers should consider installing non-slip floor tile. Radiant heat in flooring can also help by eliminating the need for slippery area rugs. Other useful amenities are walk-in tubs, seats in the shower and handrails.

Kitchen: Boomers should look for knobs and handles on cabinets and drawers that allow for an easy grip. Those with back problems might consider raising dishwashers to a higher level. And microwaves installed under cabinets are a good idea for those who don’t have the reach that they used to.

Doors: Door levers are easier to grip than doorknobs. Boomers should consider swapping out knobs for levers, if levers aren’t already in place.

Floors: While giving warmth to a home, carpets also can present tripping hazards. Boomers may want to look for tile or wood floors to reduce such dangers.

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