7 simple ways to poison-proof your home for kids

by | Nov 4, 2015 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

31120172_sWe all know that kids are curious. And we also know that there are dangerous products lurking around every corner of our homes. Put the two together, and tragedy is just a hands-reach away.

If you have young kids in the home, it’s imperative to stash hazardous products out of their view.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself and your loved ones, from Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit group:

Keep dangerous items out of reach or locked up.

Young children often find themselves at eye level with dangerous items stored under kitchen and bathroom sinks. What they see, they want to explore. Make sure that doesn’t happen by placing products out of children’s reach, or by installing child safety locks on cabinets at ground level.

Read product labels to discern which are harmless and which are dangerous.

Not all harmful products are obvious. In addition to pesticides and alcohol, for example, makeup, personal care products, plants and art supplies can contain poisonous substances. Be sure you are aware of which items need safekeeping.

Don’t leave hazardous products unattended when in use.

One minute of lapsed vigilance is all a child needs to create a terrible tragedy. Move hazardous products out of reach before you leave the scene.

Keep products in their original packaging.

It’s tempting to want to transfer products into more easily accessible containers, such as pouring cleaning products into plastic soda bottles. But this can mislead children — with deadly results.

Don’t overlook the garage.

Poisons abound in the garage; store them in high places and discard anything you don’t still need.

Keep handbags out of reach.

They often contain medications and makeup that can harm children

Post the number of the Poison Control Center in a handy spot: That number is 800-222-1222.

If the child has collapsed, Safe Kids recommends calling 911.

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