6 ways to refresh your kitchen on a budget

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Blog, Remodeling / Do-It-Yourself Projects

Who doesn’t covet a gleaming new kitchen? It’s the envy of many homeowners—and a major selling advantage when the home is put on the market.

But tearing out the old kitchen and installing a new one is costly, and many homeowners simply don’t have the budget required or the patience to live though a remodel.

How can you improve your kitchen’s appearance without investing a small fortune? Rismedia suggests some simple remedies:

Refresh tired-looking cabinets: Consider replacing cabinet door fronts. This gives the kitchen an updated look for much less money than replacing the entire cabinet. Another option is to eliminate door fronts altogether, creating open shelves, or adding a fresh coat of paint on scratched or outdated wood cabinets.

Add organizing elements: If space is an issue, consider adding hanging racks, cabinet organizers and more shelving to increase storage. This will help you de-clutter and lend a streamlined look to your kitchen.

Update lighting: Fluorescent lighting is common in older kitchens. “To bring the kitchen into the modern age,” notes Rismedia, “consider replacing some of those fixtures with recessed alternatives or LED lighting.”

Hide old countertops: If your countertops are scratched or marred by dents and burn marks, think of creative ways to hide them, including placing cutting boards on the counter or even having them painted with material made specifically for this purpose.

Change the faucet: Updated faucets can make a big difference in the look of the kitchen. Consider energy-efficient alternatives, such as low-flow styles.

Add a backsplash: This is as simple as making a trip to the home improvement store and buying tiles, caulk and grout. Adding modern colors to the backsplash will brighten the room considerably.

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