6 ways to protect your home from water damage

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

14119866_mlWater is the staff of life. It can also be the bane of a homeowner’s existence when it seeps into a house’s interior undetected. Especially during winter months, when roofs take a beating, it’s important to keep an eye out for water leaks and silent seepage.

Realty Times offers these tips:

Check for leaks during the daytime:

It’s easier to spot moisture and water stains during daylight hours. Check on the roof, under the eaves, in the attic and on ceilings underneath bathrooms.

Have the heating and cooling system serviced regularly:

Professionals can head off problems before they develop.

Don’t run dishwashers and washing machines when you’ll be gone from the house for long periods.

If there’s a malfunction, you could come home to a mess.

Check under sinks routinely:

Leaks often start in pipes under sinks; moisture or pools of water are telltale signs.

Keep your roof in good condition:

Worn out, broken or missing shingles provide avenues for water to seep into the house. Don’t let these things slide. Ditto for flashing around vents, skylights and chimneys.

Shut off the water into your house when leaving for vacation:

If anything happens to your furnace while you’re gone, this will prevent broken, frozen pipes from flooding the home.

Watch your water bill for unusual spikes.

If your water bill inexplicably increases, that’s a sign you might have a leaky pipe somewhere. Check throughout the home and, if you don’t see evidence of a leak, call a professional to check underground pipes.

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