5 ways to create a smart home

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5 ways to create a smart homeOur own intelligence quotient seems stuck at what we were given at birth, alas. But our homes are getting smarter all the time. These days, they can warm themselves up when they’re cold, turn on the lights to ward off intruders, even recognize their homeowners by a simple touch of their fingers.

Once an idea of the future, “smart” homes are very much a reality. If you haven’t joined the “smart” generation, it’s time to learn your options. Here are five ways to update your home systems, as suggested by Home Edition (and don’t forget you can find some of these convenient features in many homes for sale in Denver):

1. Automate your light switches:

This is an easy way to seem as if you’re home when you’re away. Buy a device that turns lights on and off at planned, or even random, times. They generally sell for under $50. Check out one example by Belkin here.

2. Control the garage door from a distance:

Are your kids locked out of the house? Does a neighbor need to pick something up? If you aren’t home, these devices allow you to open the garage door remotely from anywhere in the world. They also generate smartphone alerts when the garage is in use or left open.

3. Install smart locks:

Keys are so last millennium. With smart locks, a touch of your finger locks or unlocks the door. You can also unlock the door remotely so that others can get into the home when you aren’t there. Smart locks start at around $200. Read more about one example – August Smart Locks – here.

4. Keep on eye on your home with video:

Worried about intruders? A home video camera can stream live feed onto your smartphone whenever movement is detected in or around the house, allowing you to monitor any suspicious activity. These devices cost around $150. Read more about Dropcam and how it can keep you safe by clicking here.

5. Control your home temperature:

Smart thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature in your home from a distance. You can turn up the heat when you’re on the way home, or lower the temperature when you’re away. Efficiency experts note that this type of energy management can save you as much as 20% on your heating bill over the course of a year. The thermostats sell for around $250. Read more about the Nest thermostat and its features on one of our earlier blog posts here.

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