5 ways to arrange furniture to create better flow in a room

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

Whether you have a big or small home, the space can feel open and appealing, or crowded and cramped. It all depends on how you arrange the furniture. With careful attention to the flow of the room, you can make any space inviting.

Here are some furniture-arranging tips from You Magazine:

Consider eye appeal: “The flow of a room has more to do with movement of the eye than the body,” notes You. Make sure there’s a clear view as one looks across the room. To that end, put lower items in the center of the room, higher items, such as high-backed chairs or floor lamps, around the edge.

Keep three-foot pathways: Traffic patterns between and around furniture work best when people have three feet of space in which to maneuver. If this isn’t possible, aim to keep at least 12-inches between sofas and walls to create a more open feeling.

Use lamps: While overhead lighting is nice for daytime, “in the evening it can be harsh and unpleasant,” notes You. Lamps on tables as well as floor lamps help define seating areas and create cozy reading spots.

Use multi-purpose seating: Instead of cluttering a room with accent chairs that guests rarely use, open the space by substituting them with pieces that have multiple uses. For example, an ottoman can be used as a seat, footstool or coffee table, as the situation demands, and eliminates the need for an accent chair.

Pay attention to scale: Large items next to very small pieces can lead to a feeling of imbalance in a room. When placing furniture, group articles of the same “visual weight” together.

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