5 easy ideas to add Christmas spirit to your home décor

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Blog

With Christmas just around the corner, time is at a premium as we all scramble to send out holiday cards, buy presents and plan for houseguests. Add holiday decorating to the list and you have the makings of some serious stress.

But the season doesn’t have to be so daunting. When it comes to creating festive décor, just a few simple ideas can transform your home for the holidays.

Here are 5 easy ideas from Real Simple magazine:

For a joyful staircase, attach the holiday cards you have received along a string with clips or clothespins; then run the string up your staircase, creating a fun display.

To enhance the ambiance around your fireplace, wrap two birch logs with twinkling holiday lights. When you light the fire, turn on the lights, which will add even more shine to the room.

Use candles to set a seasonal mood. Clear off an end table and place a cluster of contemporary candlesticks and mercury glass votives on it. Add colorful glass ornaments, and you’ll have a display that pops.

To dress up a window, string several silver and white bows on separate threads. Then hang the threads in a window to add sparkle to the inside—and outside—of the house.

Make an Advent calendar to bring holiday cheer to the family. Simply pin lined envelopes, each marked with a date leading up to Christmas, to a bulletin board. Then fill each envelope with a surprise the kids can discover each day. (Real Simple suggests candy canes, gift certificates, etc.)

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