3 simple ways to improve your home’s curb appeal

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Blog

When preparing to sell a home, many homeowners focus on sprucing up the interior. Indeed, fresh paint and new carpet can help make a good impression on buyers. But it’s the exterior that buyers see first—and first impressions count.

How can you increase the curb appeal of your home?

Derek Thomas, whose landscaping has appeared on HGTV’s Curb Appeal and Get it Sold, suggests these three simple tips:

1. Prune the garden: Gardens tend to become overcrowded. Thin out plants and prune trees, particularly the lower limbs, which can increase visibility of the yard.

2. Add interest to the front porch: Create a welcoming touch by hanging ferns in white planters, installing a porch swing, or adding a topiary on each side of the door.

3. Use color to attract the eye: Thomas advises painting your front door red to add pop to your home’s exterior, as well as planting colorful flowers by the front entrance. Choose petunias, geraniums, zinnias, dahlias, daisies and other summer staples to make the most of your home’s entranceway.

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