Use this handy checklist to winterize your home

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Blog, Construction, First Time Buyer tips, Home & Lifestyle, Remodeling / Do-It-Yourself Projects

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With its driving winds, dropping temperatures and intermittent snowstorms, winter can take a toll on a house. Now is the time to prepare for the winter months just around the corner and ensure that your home will stay warm and dry.

Here’s a checklist of items to inspect yourself or with the help of a professional before the season sets in:

Roof: inspect the surface, flashing, eaves, and soffits. Consider hiring an expert, as walking on the roof can be exceedingly dangerous.

Gutter and downspouts: Clean out any debris that has accumulated and look for leaks.

Chimney/stovepipe: Hire a chimney sweep to clean the flue, repair any cracks or loose mortar.

Siding: Clean your siding and repair any damaged spots.

Window and door weather stripping: Replace any weather stripping that has deteriorated.

Heating system: Consider hiring a professional to make sure your heating system is fully functional. If you prefer to do this yourself and have a hot-water system, lubricate the pump and motor and bleed air from radiators or convectors; if you have a forced-air system, vacuum the heat exchanger surfaces, clean and lubricate the blower blades and motor; check and adjust fan belt tension; replace cracked or worn belt; check for leaks.

Thermostat: Clean the heat sensor, contact points and contacts; check for accuracy.

Garage doors: Clean and lubricate hinges, rollers and tracks and tighten screws.

Carbon monoxide detectors: Make sure all batteries are fresh and check to see if it is working properly.

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