The Museum for Black Girls Reopens in Denver: An Immersive Experience Where Creativity Meets Culture

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After much anticipation, the Museum for Black Girls reopens its doors in Denver, promising a fresh wave of creativity and a profound celebration of Black culture. This innovative and empowering space, which garnered local and national attention for its unique approach to storytelling, invites visitors of all backgrounds to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of art, history, and the voices of Black women.

Four years ago, Denverite Charlie Billingsley founded the Museum for Black Girls in a friend’s boutique as a one-night event. It turned into a four-year traveling exhibition, with pop-ups around the country.

“You can walk into any gallery right now and there’s not very much representation of Black women, and the world deserves to be educated on how much we’ve impacted this world and what we have achieved,” Billingsley told 9News.

Founded with a vision to create a safe and empowering space for Black girls and women, the Museum for Black Girls is a testament to the power of art in redefining narratives. Inside, you’ll find history, art and nostalgia, but it’s not your typical museum, as the majority of the exhibits are designed to be interactive with singing and dancing highly encouraged! 

Exhibits include a golden salon chair, a photo-worthy floral room, a blue magic couch, and a tribute to the one and only Beyoncé

“One of our favorite exhibits is our ‘Grandma’s Kitchen.’ A lot of us grew up getting our hair done in our grandma’s kitchen. And, the one we have here is a replica of my own grandma’s kitchen,” said Billingsley to CBS News.

The Museum for Black Girls also offers a platform for local artists to showcase their talents. Art installations, interactive exhibits, and immersive experiences all come together to create a unique atmosphere that fosters both learning and appreciation of Black culture.

Visit the museum at 500 16th Street Mall, open Wednesday through Sunday with ticket prices starting at $15 for children and $32 for adults. Kids three and under are free.

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