Practical Advice For Children On Avoiding Stranger Danger

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Helping children avoid strangers - RE/Max of Cherry CreekIn today’s world, children seem to be at risk from all kinds of threats, from abduction to gun violence. No wonder parents have trouble letting them out of their sight.

When it comes to stranger danger, a few simple thoughts can help. We recently came across some advice, offered by McAuliffe International School Principal Kurt Dennis, that we found particularly helpful. In a note home to parents, Dennis urged parents to teach children to:

  • Use the buddy system when walking to and from school, pairing with a friend or sibling whenever possible.
  • Take several steps backward and stay out of arm’s reach when approached by a stranger. If children are confronted by the stranger, he notes that they should scream “I’m not your child” or “You’re not my parents,” and run to a safe area.
  • Know where safe homes and buildings are located in the neighborhood, in the event that they need to run to safety, and identify which neighbors they can call on for help when the parents aren’t at home.
  • Avoid alleys, and empty lots, houses or garages.
  • Learn a password known only by the immediate family. They should then be instructed to refuse to go with any unfamiliar person who doesn’t know the password.


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