News flash: car headrests can save lives

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Blog

It’s not a situation anyone likes to contemplate. Still, imagine what you would do if you were trapped inside your car after an accident and couldn’t open the door. Or, worse still, if you found yourself in the car as it was swamped with water during a flood. How would you break out of the car?

The good news is that car companies have designed headrests for just such a purpose.

We just recently came across this reassuring information. Most headrests are removable and come attached to two steel poles that fit into the top of the seat, allowing drivers to adjust the headrest height. But these poles have a dual purpose: They can also be used to break a window to escape from the car during an emergency. Simply pull the headrest all the way out of the seat and aim the poles at the window. Car windows are designed to be weaker on the inside than outside, so that drivers can more easily smash the glass in an emergency.

We hope this will give you some comfort in contemplating worst case scenarios—and that you will share this information with others. It’s not being overly dramatic to say that it could save the life of someone you love.


Copyright: algre / 123RF Stock Photo

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