For Shade Tomorrow, Plant A Tree Today

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

Shady TreeAlthough gardening slows in September in Colorado, it’s still a great time to spruce up your yard. You might consider planting spring-blooming bulbs, for instance, or making a final nitrogen application on your grass.

Most of all, though, it’s an excellent time to plant trees. If you envision one day basking in the shade of a beautiful maple tree, for example, or picking baskets of fruit from a cherry or apple tree, now is the time to put that dream in motion.

Costco Connections offers these tips:

Get advice from a certified arborist. To get certification, arborists  have to pass an exam; some are also required to take continuing education courses. As a result, you can trust them to answer questions you might have about long-term care for any particular tree.

Pick the right tree for the region. The hardiest tree in the South can die a quick death during a frigid winter in the West. Be sure to research which trees thrive in this area.

Plant at correct depth. Different trees require different planting depths. Be sure to follow the directions — and don’t forget to remove the wire basket and burlap from the tree’s root ball before planting.

Keep the drip line free of obstructions. The “drip line” is the area around the base of a tree directly under the outer circumference of the tree’s branches. This is the place where small roots soak in water for the tree. Be sure this area is free of grass, rocks, waterproof mulches and other items that can interfere.

Inspect regularly: Look often for signs of insects and disease, and check to see that the tree isn’t growing in a way that will cause problems to other nearby trees or buildings.

Hire a professional to prune your tree. While removing trees can be expensive, this isn’t a project most homeowners should tackle on their own. A misstep can cause major damage to your (or a neighbor’s) home, in addition to serious injury. Professionals are trained for safety, know the latest pruning techniques and will do what’s best for your tree.



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