Denver’s public image shines with recent accolades

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Blog, Relocating to Denver

Once considered a cow town, Denver is discarding that image faster than a bucking bronco sheds its rider. Cultural activities are flourishing; millennials are arriving in throngs, drawn to the city’s bustling social scene, and Denver’s economy has never been more diverse and vibrant.

Denver from Coors Field by SammCox, on Flickr
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If you had any doubt the city’s public image has left the old days behind, several recent honors should quickly put that to rest. Consider these:

  • A recent article in The Atlantic lauded Denver as a role model for metropolitan areas cooperating with their suburban neighbors to reach economic goals. “How did Denver go from an ailing city to a vibrant regional economy, connected by robust public transportation, thriving cultural institutions, and shared economic values?” asks The Atlantic. “The city and its surrounding suburbs had to decide that working together was preferable to struggling separately.” The article credited the city’s success in part to the cooperation of various mayors in the region, a collaboration that continues today.
  • Denver ranked #4 on WalletHub’s list of the best places to start a career. The study considered the strength of the city’s job market and social scene, among other factors. Denver fared especially well for starting salaries (adjusted for cost of living), percentage of population aged 25-34 and percentage of population with a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Denver landed at #8 on AARP’s list of “Most Livable Cities” for those 50 and older, falling just below San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Milwaukee, New York, Philadelphia and Portland, Ore. in the “large” city (population 500,000 and above) category.
  • Denver placed #10 among big U.S. cities for its energy-efficiency programs and policies, as judged by the American Council of Energy-Efficient Economy.

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