Denver issues new alcohol rules for park visitors

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Blog

Enjoying Denver’s beautiful parks this summer? A new rule that hasn’t received much publicity might add to the fun: Visitors are now allowed to consume full-strength beer, wine and champagne in the park.

A new law allows local governments to make their own policies regarding alcohol in parks. Denver updated its policy at the start of this year, the same time that Colorado allowed grocery stores to sell full-strength beverages.

The city’s new policy, however, is only temporary. “It will ‘sunset’ at the end of the year to allow for more tweaks, which take into account community input (including more surveys and public hearings) as well as the experiences of park rangers,” reports the Denver Post,

Here are some details about the policy:

Regular laws apply: You must be 21 to consume alcohol in the park, as anywhere else. If you drink too much and drive (including operating a bicycle, scooter or skateboard), you will be cited.

Don’t bring bottles: Glass bottles are banned. Bring beer in cans and wine in a box. If you’re planning to bring a keg, you will need a permit.

Get a permit for big events: If you’re planning a public or ticketed event, you will need a permit to sell alcohol. Special events require liquor licenses.

Don’t drink near prohibited areas. Leave at least 50 feet between your liquor consumption and prohibited areas, including pools, schools, recreation centers and senior-living facilities. Playgrounds and play-parks are off-limits; this means you should avoid places where there are swing sets, outdoor climbing walls, skate parks and bicycle parks.


Photo by Roberta keiko Kitahara Santana on Unsplash

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