Denver Architecture 101: Craftsman Bungalow

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Blog, Construction, Home & Lifestyle

How well do you know your Denver architecture? When it comes to homes, the city has a handful of distinct styles, recently detailed in 5280 magazine’s feature “Denver Architecture 101.” Following in 5280’s footsteps, we are offering an ongoing tutorial of Denver’s iconic options. Today, we study the Craftsman Bungalow.

What to look for: Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement popular in the 1920s, these bungalows are characterized by fine craftsmanship and simplicity of form, both inside and out. Exteriors emphasize horizontal lines, with low-pitched, gabled roofs and exposed rafter tails, overhanging eaves (used to keep the home cool, prior to air-conditioning), wide front or corner porches. The interior is equally distinctive, often with ceiling beams, wide paneled doors, large fireplaces and, symmetrical built-in bookshelves and benches. Keep in mind that this is not the open concept floor plan of today. Think small, well-crafted, cozy rooms.

Where to find them: City Park, Congress Park, Platt Park, West Highland, Washington Park.

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