Bring indoor decorating tactics to outdoor spaces

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

41462778_mlSummer is a time to revel in the outdoors. No wonder many homeowners dream of the perfect patio retreat: a place where they can relax in private as well as entertain friends and family in style. The key to making your outdoor space comfortable, say many, is to bring the concepts you use indoors to the great outdoors.

“The outdoor living space is considered more than just a backyard for the modern buyer,” notes RisMedia. “Today, the outdoor space is an extension of the home.”

Similar living concepts apply, say many.

For example, You magazine notes the importance of:

Furniture layout: Just as with indoor rooms, your space will work better if you consider the view, traffic patterns, conversational groupings and so on when arranging patio furniture.

Ambiance: Tiki torches, string lights, fountains and wireless speakers all help set the mood outside, just as fireplaces, subtle lighting and great sound systems do inside.

Rugs and pillows: A throw rug that’s weatherproof or made of natural materials can help define the space and warm an outdoor area, as can throw pillows on outdoor furniture.

Tables: Well-placed tables offer a place to put your drink or book, or even rest your feet.

Old sideboards: Sideboards offer a great spot for potted plants and knickknacks, and far from ruining the furniture, “weathering will increase a sideboard’s beauty with time,” notes You.

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