Big ideas for decorating small living rooms

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Let’s face it: we can’t all live in homes with 10 foot ceilings and living rooms as big as football fields. But just because your living room is small doesn’t mean it has to look tiny and cramped. Some careful decorating decisions can make all the difference.

Here are some ideas from House Beautiful:

Use club chairs instead of a sofa: If you don’t have room for a sofa and chairs, opt for two club chairs. They will be visually less imposing, allow for easy conversation and can be angled around a fireplace.

Buy a big rug: “Unlike smaller rugs, the large size doesn’t visually break up the floor,” notes House Beautiful. Bold patterns can also trick the eye into seeing a bigger room.

Hang ‘em high: You might think a wall of art would seem too busy in a small room. But creating a gallery of pictures going up the wall tricks the eye into thinking the ceilings are higher.

Don’t put furniture against the wall: Floating it so that there’s space behind your pieces “makes the room look wider than it is.”

Use ottomans for coffee tables: Unlike coffee tables, ottomans can do double duty. Set books or other items on them, and they act as tables. Leave them as is, and they provide great footrests or even extra seating for company.

Add mirrors: Mirrors help visually enlarge a space. Hang them on the wall, prop them on a mantelpiece, or even layer them for an eclectic look.

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